Jonathan McGlone

Library Publishing Toolkit Now Available

05 Aug 2013

Libraries have been creating and hosting unique cultural content on the web for more than a decade now, and the much anticipated Library Publishing Toolkit, which aims to provide case studies, resources, and discussions on digital publishing in the library setting, is finally available! Along with many great contributors across academic and public libraries, museums, and archives, I’ve authored a chapter on Michigan Publishing’s XML workflows that aims to help new and existing publishers take advantage of the preservation and re-use qualities of the XML format. And thanks to the publisher’s commitment to open access, they’ve allowed authors to retain copyright to their chapters, and I’ve made mine freely available over at the University of Michigan’s Deep Blue.

A free PDF version of the entire volume is available to download at the Library Toolkit’s website and a print-on-demand version can be ordered directly from Amazon. From the Toolkit’s website:

The Library Publishing Toolkit looks at the broad and varied landscape of library publishing through discussions, case studies, and shared resources. From supporting writers and authors in the public library setting to hosting open access journals and books, this collection examines opportunities for libraries to leverage their position and resources to create and provide access to content.

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